Earth Energies Sanctuary


Powerful  healing therapies: clinical hypnotherapy, float therapy, zero balance, cranial therapy and plant-based remedies



Earth Energies Sanctuary is a Deep Relaxation, spiritual and mindfulness retreat. A wellness retreat to help you with stress and anxiety Management, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.



Re-setting yourself from your mind outwards

In today’s modern world, life can get hectic and the opportunities to relax can be few and far between - perhaps you have a busy career, are juggling children, or live a corporate life. You often busy rushing from meeting to meeting, checking emails, taking phone calls, or simply taking care of everyone else.

A busy, over-stimulated brain can mean no peace and sky-rocketing stress levels. Taking a step back and ‘re-setting’ can be essential for your mental and physical health and well-being. The Earth Energies experience is about deep relaxation, finding peace and helping you rebalance.


A Journey of Discovery

At Earth Energies, we see all of our guests as an individuals, each with unique needs and requirements. We believe that stress is not something which should be swept under the carpet. By getting to the heart of the issue, and applying the right techniques you can reset and restore balance and remove dis-EASE from your life.

When you arrive at our therapy rooms, Marie will conduct an in-depth interview with you and together you’ll take a personal journey of discovery to identify blockages and uncover which areas of your life need to be rebalanced.

Through discussion, the right therapies will present themselves. These therapies are designed around your individual needs for that session. And so begins the process of re-balancing from the mind outwards.

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Your Hosts


Marie Latus and Duncan McKenzie

The souls behind this tranquil oasis are husband and wife, Duncan and Marie. Forgoing a luxury resort and honoring the location, they have created an intimate rural retreat with a genuine old country feel.

After a successful, globetrotting career as a Health and Safety professional in the tough corporate world Marie has firsthand experience of highly stressful work conditions. Following a yearning for something more, she was drawn to the healing modalities of natural remedies and physical therapies and has spent the last ten years honing her craft. She is also a very earthy, soulful person with a no-nonsense approach. She fully understands that it’s ok to have a busy career. But she also knows from her own experience this is not healthy without balance.

Fully supported by her husband, together the Earth Energies dream was born. Duncan is a man-of-the-land, and over the last 10 years he has built much of the Sanctuary infrastructure and developed the estate. He manages the farm and tends to their herd of Red Devon cattle, while also harvesting Kawakawa for their own Botanicals product range. As a talented craftsman, his bespoke timber fittings and furniture take pride of place throughout the estate.

We both look forward to welcoming you into the fresh farm air and helping you restore balance and reset,


Tailored Therapies


Change your mind, and you change your reality

We offer a range of deep relaxation therapies, along with other modalities, that have science-based reasoning for providing natural health benefits. By allowing yourself to look inward and tap into your subconscious mind you can rewire negative thought patterns, creating lasting change in thoughts, emotions and behaviour to set you free from self-limiting beliefs.

Restore balance and re-set

When your brain is aroused and actively engaged in mental activities, it generates beta brainwaves. When you are stressed these beta brainwaves are running at a high rate, which in turn can lead to high levels of anxiety. You are now out of balance and this can manifest itself as physical ailments. However, we do have the capacity to heal ourselves. To do this, we need to restore balance and reset from the mind outwards.


When you take time out to reflect or meditate you are usually in an alpha brainwave state. All Earth Energies therapies have the common theme of bringing you to an alpha or even deeper theta brainwave state, thus restoring balance essential for optimum relaxation, creativity, insight and mindfulness.

Our therapies make it possible for you to experience profound deep relaxation, bringing about complete balance and enabling your body to reset.

Leave with a balanced body and a calm mind

Our intention is for you to leave Earth Energies Sanctuary with a balanced body, a calm mind and a new lease on life. You will have gained new strategies for removing distractions or the ‘outer noise’, including relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis, to bring about lasting change and balance.

At Earth Energies Sanctuary you can rediscover your inner, wise soul, unveil your best ‘you’, and continue on the path of health and happiness.