Earth Energies


Powerful  healing therapies: clinical hypnotherapy, float therapy, zero balance, cranial therapy and plant-based remedies


Earth Energies Sanctuary is a spiritual, mental health and mindfulness retreat. A wellness retreat to help you with stress and anxiety management, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

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Re-setting yourself from your mind outwards

In today’s modern city-dwelling world, if you have a busy career or live a corporate life (or you’re a couple juggling work and children) you get little chance to truly relax. You’re busy rushing from meeting to meeting, checking emails, taking phone calls and dealing with problems.

Such a busy, over-stimulated brain means no peace and your stress levels can sky-rocket. Stepping away from this craziness and ‘re-setting’ is essential for your own good mental and physical health and well-being. The Earth Energies experience is about deep relaxation, finding peace and helping you re-set.

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A Journey of Discovery

At Earth Energies, we see every client as an individual, with their own unique needs and requirements. If you have stress in your life, you know it’s not healthy to keep sweeping it under the carpet and ignoring it. By identifying what the issues are, and by applying the right healing techniques to deal with these issues, you can re-set and restore balance and remove dis-ease from your life.

When you arrive at our therapy rooms, Marie will conduct an in-depth interview with you and together you’ll take a personal journey of discovery to identify blockages and uncover which area of life and balance needs to be worked on.

Through discussion, the right therapies will present themselves. These therapies are designed around your individual needs for that session. And so begins the process of healing you from the mind outwards.


Tailored Healing

Change your mind, and you change your reality

We offer a range of healing therapies, along with other modalities, and have brought together the best of everything for our therapies. All therapies are medicinal and life-changing, with science-based reasoning for providing natural health benefits. It is important you know that this tailored combination of therapies cannot be found anywhere else in New Zealand.

Restore balance and re-set

When your brain is aroused and actively engaged in mental activities, it generates beta waves. When you are are stressed, beta brainwaves are running at high rate, which can lead to high levels of anxiety. You are out of balance and this can cause dis-ease within your mind, which can manifest itself as physical ailments. However, we do have the capacity to heal ourselves. To do this, we need to restore balance and re-set from the mind outwards


When you take time out to reflect or meditate you are usually in an alpha state. All Earth Energies therapies have the common theme of bringing you to an alpha or even deeper theta brainwave state, restoring balance essential for optimum relaxation, self-healing, creativity, insight and mindfulness.

Therapies make it possible for you to experience profound deep relaxation, bringing about complete balance and enabling your body to self-heal.

Leave with body balance and mind-calm

You will leave Earth Energies with body balance and mind-calm and will be connected more consciously. You will have a new lease on life, and a healthier, happier mindset. And you will have strategies for removing distractions or the ‘outer noise’ as well as relaxation techniques, such as self-hypnosis, to enable lasting change and balance when you return to your busy life.

At Earth Energies, you can unleash your inner, wiser soul, unveil your best ‘you’, and set yourself on the path to happiness.


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Your Hosts

Marie Latus

Marie has spent more than 20 years travelling the world as a Health, Safety and Environmental professional in the tough operational and corporate world. This means she’s no stranger to constant stress, and fully understands the pressures that accompany the life of busy people.

Marie has been studying various healing modalities for many years and has a number of qualifications in this field. She is also a very earthy, soulful person with a no-nonsense approach. She fully understands that it’s ok to have a busy career. But she also knows from her own experience this is not healthy without balance. Marie has created Earth Energies because she sees living life in the healing realms as her life purpose. She looks forward to welcoming you to the Retreat and helping you restore balance and re-set.

duncan mckenzie

Duncan manages the farm. He takes care of the Estate, looks after the stock, tends to the vegetable garden, sorts out the chooks and collects our farm-fresh eggs. He also helps harvest kawa kawa for the Earth Energies Botanicals range. Duncan has a life-long passion for wood work and is a master craftsman of bespoke timber furniture, examples of which you will see during your visit.