Earth Energies


Powerful  healing therapies: clinical hypnotherapy, float therapy, zero balance, cranial therapy and plant-based remedies


Retreat, Relax, Rebalance



 Set in the heart of a 200-acre Estate where the air is fresh, the scenery calming and the experience rejuvenating

Earth Energies Sanctuary is the ultimate relaxation retreat, a wellness journey designed to bring about balance of body, mind and soul.  Hidden from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, however only one our drive out of Auckland your day therapies or stay experience are waiting for you.


Sanctuary Retreat



 Seclusion, relaxation and nature all in one special place  


Sanctuary Therapies 



Enter this tranquil healing space and experience a powerful combination of deep relaxation therapies


Earth Energies Sanctuary is a spiritual, mental health and mindfulness retreat. A wellness retreat to help you with stress and anxiety management.