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Native Kawakawa Remedies
Step into the forest and experience the benefits from Natures Pharmacy. 

Working with the rhythms of nature, we have developed a unique range of native Kawakawa creams & ointments, flower essences and other natural products.  Our products are handcrafted naturally, right here at the Sanctuary where much of the ingredients are grown and harvested.

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Natural solutions for your family

  • Eczema & itchy skin

  • Nappy rash and baby skin conditions

  • Burns & sunburn

  • Boils and bruising

  • Arthritic & rheumatic pain

  • Wounds, injuries, skin abrasions & cuts

  • Chest & nasal congestion

  • Migraine & headaches

  • Warts and fungal conditions

  • Emotional balance

  • Anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial.