Earth Energies Sanctuary

Earth Energies NZ Sanctuary


Retreat, Relax, Rebalance


 Set in the heart of a 200-acre Estate where the air is fresh, the scenery calming and the experience rejuvenating

Earth Energies Sanctuary is the ultimate relaxation retreat, a wellness journey designed to bring about balance of body, mind and soul. Hidden from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, yet only one hour’s drive from Auckland, your day therapies or stay experience is waiting for you.





Seclusion relaxation and nature all in one special place  

From the moment you enter this idyllic estate, the relaxation process begins. Overnight guests can delight in the comfort of the cabin set in the heart of the property. Unwind on your private balcony and take in the views of the native bush-clad valley where Tui, Kereru, Fantails and Kingfishers reside.  





Enter this tranquil healing space and experience a powerful combination of deep relaxation therapies 

A unique combination of therapies designed to bring body and mind back into balance. Choose from individually tailored, full or half-day therapies based on your needs. With just one set of clients welcomed at a time, guests have exclusive use of the state-of-the-art treatment rooms during their appointment.


Your Hosts



Marie and Duncan believe that there is no distinction between nurturing the health and wellbeing of ourselves or that of our natural environment; both are intertwined and complement the other.

“We feel so inspired by the inner calm we personally experience from our property's pristine native bush, the birdsong and cleansing streams, that we feel called to share it. Our experience with deep relaxation and natural therapies has shown us that our bodies have an innate ability to repair and heal themselves when in a space that is harmonious and balanced. We warmly invite you to Earth Energies Sanctuary and hope to share your journey toward a complete balance of body, mind and spirit.”